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Safety, EMC Testing and WEEE Compliance

UK and EU regulations require all electrical and electronic equipment to meet strict safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards before they can be offered for sale.
FLOCKMAN has met the required EMC standards as seen by the one page Certificate and the Full Report

As a result of the examination by an approved testing station, a separate Safety Switch box was introduced.  This ensures that ALL power is disconnected from the FLOCKMAN box when the Safety Switch is in the OFF position.   This applies to the terminals from the lights and auger motors which are connected and disconnected via Relays within the FLOCKMAN box, as well as the power supply to the box itself.
When the Safety Switch is OFF, the lights on the FLOCKMAN box as well as the light on the Safety Switch are not illuminated and it is then safe to open the door of the FLOCKMAN box.

UK and EU regulations also require electrical and electronic goods to be recycled safely at the end of their life. So the manufacturer of these goods has to be registered as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Compliant.

The FLOCKMAN certificate of compliance has been registered as WEE/FA2233X2 which can be seen here.

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