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FLOCKMAN was introduced in March 2008 and has had major revisions since then, resulting from feedback from users abroad as well as in the UK. The final version was released in August 2009. Click on the following to find out more about how it can benefit your business.


FLOCKMAN Support is as follows: -
1. FLOCKMAN Hardware and Software is fully guaranteed for 12 months.
2. FLOCKMAN comes with FULL Installation and Operation Instructions.
3. FLOCKMAN also provides telephone and e-mail support for your first crop.
After 12 months the FLOCKMAN Hardware and Software Guarantee can be extended by taking out a Maintenance Contract paid quarterly on a per house basis. This covers FULL repair or replacement of all hardware on a return to UK basis and any future software upgrades.
FLOCKMAN Technical and advisory support is included in the Maintenance Contract. The cost of the Maintenance Contract is £30 per house per quarter and is payable by Standing Order
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FLOCKMAN  Acknowledgements
David Filmer for Concept and Co-ordination, buying and field trial analysis.
Bill Feldkamp of WF Engineering for advice, design of various components, manufacture and Quality Control.
Dave Gerrey of Stonefield Systems (Europe) Ltd for advice and design of the Relay PCB.
Matthew Warnes for programming and design of the processor PCB.
Matt Martin for design of the new FLOCKMAN web site.
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