Advanced Poultry Technology

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Health & Welfare

The results section shows statistically significant reductions in Mortality.

This seems to be split about evenly between reductions in dead birds collected each morning and those culled as runts, leg and other culls.

FLOCKMAN produces more even birds in the flock, which is welcomed by the factory.

This is because the smaller birds are able to get several full crops of feed several times a day. They grow faster than small birds fed ad lib, which usually find bigger birds, higher in the peck order, at the same feed pan when they try to eat. So these birds survive better, grow faster and are less likely to be culled.

At the same time the bigger birds, which with ad-lib feeding, are always eating and so grow too quickly and often suffer from heart attacks, Ascites and other problems associated with excessive growth. With mealtime feeding, the pans are empty for several hours each day, so the big birds can’t over eat and are therefore less fat and much healthier with less mortality.

FLOCKMAN grows the birds more slowly in the first week or so, which enables them to develop their bone structure before putting on muscle growth and body weight. This results in birds having less leg problems and walking more strongly as measured by Gait Scoring techniques.

A well-respected poultry Vet, Dr Sue Haslam, examined a pair of houses involved in a field trial and her full report can be seen here.  A one page Executive summary can be seen here.

Advanced Poultry Technology