It is a Health and Safety requirement that before the FLOCKMAN Control box is opened, there must be no live terminals in that box.
The FLOCKMAN controller has connections to various augers and to the lights and therefore some of these terminals will be live, even if the Power supply to the FLOCKMAN box has been disconnected.
In order to overcome this problem, a FLOCKMAN Safety Switch is now legally required.
This has a multi-way ON/OFF switch through which all the current carrying wires pass before they are routed to the FLOCKMAN Control box, via an 18 multi-core cable.
When the switch is in the ON position, the green indicator light on the Safety switch is ON and the   FLOCKMAN box can operate.
When the switch is in the OFF position, the green light goes OFF and ALL the electricity to the FLOCKMAN Controller is cut off.
So, both the Red and Green indicator lights on the FLOCKMAN box also go off.
Therefore the following instructions should be given to managers operating poultry houses with FLOCKMAN:
“Make sure that the Safety Switch is ON - Green light is ON and ALL 5 switches on FLOCKMAN are in AUTO - Green “READY” light also ON.”