Once the Dawn/Dusk Dimmer has been installed, there should be no reason to open the box as all controls are from the outside.
i) Front of Box
A Light Intensity Knob can be turned to control the maximum intensity of light in the poultry house.  High numbers increase the intensity and low numbers decrease it.
It is normal for light intensity to be high at the start of the crop and lower towards the end. FLOCKMAN does not automatically control this, because ideas on the best light intensities vary from         
country to country and from individual to individual.  So it is up to the owner/manager to make adjustments, as is thought fit, throughout the life of the poultry crop.
NOTE  - To adjust the Light Intensity the lights must be FULLY Illuminated.  The intensity   can not be adjusted when the lights are either dimming up or dimming down.

ii) Side of Box
There is a toggle switch and an indicator light to the left hand side of the Dawn/Dusk Dimmer.  When under FLOCKMAN control, this light is OFF and timing of the Light and Dark periods is according to the Feed/Light Profile that has been selected.
However, it may be necessary to put the dimmable lights on during what would normally be a dark period.  This may be for:
a) Unusual Inspections of equipment or birds
b) Catching of birds at Thinning or at the end of the crop
In these cases, switch the toggle switch on.  The Red Indicator light comes on and the house lights will slowly dim up to reach the intensity decided on by adjusting the Maximum Light Intensity knob.
The Red light indicates a danger situation, so make sure that after the inspection/catching has finished, the red light is switched OFF.  The lights will then dim down until they are completely out and will again be under FLOCKMAN control.